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Wilderness Getaway
We took a trip to incredible Wilderness Reserve for a Larry King getaway!
Thank you to all the amazing people who came to stay with us and celebrate the brand and how far we've come with our little hair heroes. If only every day could be like this…
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  • Spoilt For Choice Hair Oil
    Finishing Product
    Spoilt For Choice Hair Oil
  • Flyaway Kit
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    Flyaway Kit
  • My Nanna's Mousse
    Award Winner
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    My Nanna's Mousse
  • Nourishing Curl Enhancer
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    Nourishing Curl Enhancer
  • The Dispensary
    The Dispensary
  • Everywhere & Anywhere Duo
    Finishing Product
    Everywhere & Anywhere Duo
    £49 £39
  • A Social Life For Your Hair
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    A Social Life For Your Hair
  • The Volume Edit
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    The Volume Edit
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  • The Curl Edit
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    The Curl Edit
    £38 £30
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