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    From shopping our nourishing haircare range to booking in with our expert salon team, investing in good hair gives you the best chance of feeling your best self.

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Whether you're looking for a style overhaul, colour change or finding your lifelong stylist, find your perfect Larry King Hair Salon.

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Discover our best selling and award winning products.

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  • My Nanna's Mousse 50ml
    Award Winner
    Styling Product
    My Nanna's Mousse 50ml
  • Spoilt For Choice Hair Oil
    Finishing Product
    Spoilt For Choice Hair Oil
  • Flyaway Kit
    Client Favourite
    Finishing Product
    Flyaway Kit
  • A Social Life For Your Hair
    Best Seller
    Finishing Product
    A Social Life For Your Hair
  • Volumizing Hair Mist
    Award Winner
    Styling Product
    Volumizing Hair Mist
  • My Nanna's Mousse
    Award Winner
    Styling Product
    My Nanna's Mousse
  • Nourishing Curl Enhancer
    Client Favourite
    Styling Product
    Nourishing Curl Enhancer
  • Oh Baby Edit
    Finishing Product
    Oh Baby Edit
    £48 £38
  • "Put simply, Larry knows how to dish out your finest hair days, which is why he’s the industry’s go-to for the latest cuts and trends, as well as amazing products that I use most days. Try Liquid Hairbrush and A Social Life For Your Hair and you’ll never look back!"

  • “The entirety of legendary hair stylist Larry King’s collection has been put through its paces in its London-based salons. The celebrity clientele and roster of talented coiffeurs have deemed this a must-buy and with one use, you’ll see why.”

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